Empowerment Through Edutainment

Our Mission
To provide plays, publications, and programs that educate, entertain, and inspire happy, healthy, and productive lives.
Our Vision

As a preeminent provider of edutainment, i.e., plays, publications and workshops that entertainingly teach, Pin Points, Inc. aspires to inspire youth and adults, throughout the global community, by helping them discover practical principles that lead to happy and healthy lives.

Bringing Our Programs to You


PERFORMANCES: From the famous Bob Hope Theater in Stockton to the historic Lincoln Theater in D.C., our award-winning programs have toured 37 states and 9 countries.  You will be surprised at how easy it is to bring us to your theater, school, recreation center, church, or directly into your living room!  For details, take a tour of this web site. Then make our day by giving us a call.
PIN POINTS' MEDICAL MISSIONARY ACADEMY teaches the restoration of health for minor as well as incurable ailments with remedies from the doctors who have a 90 percent success rate in reversing cancer, heart disease, diabetes (within 3 weeks), AIDS, and Parkinson's disease - to name a very few. And because there is no shortage of sickness, there is no shortage of jobs for our certified Medical Missionaries who we train and send out into the world to spread the message of restoration.  
To receive details of our Medical Missionary Academy email: mmacademy@pinpoints.org
YOUTH PROGRAMS AND WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT:  In partnership with the Dept. of Labor, Dept. of Employment, and DC's Youth Rehabilitation Services, Pin Points provides mentoring, after-school programs, GED training, tutoring, educational advocacy, jobs, and more importantly, options for youth to expand and enjoy the bigger world outside their smaller social circles.
Established in 1980, Pin Points has embraced core values that are responsible for its success, often training talent from the most impoverished communities and taking them to international stages, emphasizing programs that are enlightening, entertaining, professional, and non-offensive for the diverse mixture of people in our audiences. These productions have touched many lives with more than 4,000 presentations throughout the District of Columbia, Asia (Guam, Japan, Korea, Singapore), Canada, Germany, and the United States.
Core Values

Pin Points, Inc. is guided by these Core Values:

  • Members, employees, and associates who practice productive behavior, i.e., behavior that reflects courtesy, kindness, fairness, reason, and a sincere effort to help - in all matters.
  • Responsiveness to and respect for the needs of people from all cultures, especially those  needs of the African and African American community.
  • Responsiveness to and respect for the uniqueness of each organization, family, or individual that we serve. 
  • Commitment to the principles of cooperation and honesty in all dealings with those we serve as well as employees throughout our organization.
  • Commitment to the production and distribution of entertaining plays, workshops, and publications that are tasteful and healthful.